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Three Quick Steps for Remote Online Notary

Seamless RON - See The Whole Process At A Glance

Save time and money (and a lot of paper) by notarizing your documents online quickly and securely with True Notary Services powered by BlueNotary platform.

Step 1
Upload Documents
  • True Notary Services is your secret weapon for quickly and securely performing Remote Online Notarization from anywhere in the world. Send a simple invitation to signer(s) and we'll take it from there.
Step 2 Verify Your Identity
Step 3
Close the Deal
  • Sign, seal, and send to whomever needs it after closing using your agents or the True Notary Services network of certified agents.
Step 1 Upload Your Documents
Step 2
Verify Identity
  • We use sophisticated, bank-grade security processes to ensure every signer is legit. Undoubtedly much more secure than traditional notarizations.
Step 3 Meet The Notary
Notarize your documents online - We're legal to notarize online

The True Notary Services Vibe

  • Why drive around looking for a notary? Get it done online.
  • Full service notarization in less than 10 minutes. Time. Saved.
More Secure
  • Bank-grade security w/ latest identity verification analysis.
  • 100% certified and trained professional notaries walk you through the process.
Encrypted end-to-end
  • The most trusted platform to store your documents.
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