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notarize your documents online anytime, anywhere within minutes

Remote Online Notarization (RON)

Remote Online Notarization (RON) is a service that allows individuals to complete the notarization process remotely through an online platform. This service is useful for clients who are unable to visit a physical notary location or unable to meet the notary in-person.

With Remote Online Notarization (RON), Florida notaries public can conduct remote notarization with the use of audio-video technology and electronic signature. This allows the notary public to remotely verify the identity of the signer and authenticate the signature on the document.

Remote Online Notarization (RON) is a service that allows individuals to complete the notarization process remotely
Florida notaries public can conduct remote notarization with the use of audio-video technology and electronic signature
notarize your documents online anytime, anywhere within minutes
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The Remote Online Notarization(RON) Technology

Benefits & Increasing Demand

Remote Online Notarization is no longer an emergency need, but a convenience feature for title clients and agents alike. Platforms not only provide the ability to connect securely but storage options for personal information as well. Remote online notarization (RON) is the practice of having a state-licensed notary public notarize a document remotely using an electronic signature, identity verification, audio-visual, and electronic notarial journal and record-keeping technology. The convenience of RON is clear to anyone who has had to locate and visit a notary public to sign a document. Notaries are cutting down on time it takes to provide services to their clients and accomplish permitted transactions using RON. RON helps prevent risk and fraud throughout the notarization process, makes the company more efficient, and increases customer experience.

As more banks and state credit unions integrate this as an acceptable option for notaries, it’s now easier for title agents to process their documents in a timely and efficient manner.

Many states have passed RON laws, and the tendency has only intensified because people are forced to work remotely and away from their families.

Are you looking for remote online notary services? True Notary Services offer remote online notary 24/7 by appointments.

Florida Remote Online Notary (RON)

Frequently Asked Question

What is Remote Online Notary (RON)

Remote online notarization is the act of performing a notarization remotely using two-way audio-video technology. It is the online equivalent of an in-person, paper-based notarization where every part of the process is done via the internet. Like traditional notarizations, RONs begin with the online Notary verifying the signer’s identity and ensuring the signer understands the document and is willing to sign it. Please read this article by the National Notary Association for more information.

Do I have to be in Florida to obtain an online notarization?

No. As long as the notary is in the state where they are commissioned it does not matter where the other party is located. This even includes international online notarizations.


The following is required to use the remote notary platform, for both the notary and the participants.  If the requirements cannot be met, then the remote notarial act cannot be completed.

    • • The browser must be one of the following.
      • • Windows or Android – Google Chrome
      • • Windows – Firefox
      • • Mac or IPad – Latest Safari 11 or above
      • • IPad must be IOS version 11 or higher with Safari version 11 or higher.  It will not work on any other IOS versions.
    • • A camera and microphone on the device that accessible is also by the browser.
    • • Permission for the browser to access the camera and microphone.
    • • Each signer MUST have their own device.
    • • The Notary must also vet the signers beforehand to make sure they can pass the ID verification if not personally know to them.
    • • Internet and Wi-Fi
      • • High speed Internet access is a must for everyone, and anything but a high speed uninterrupted connection could have adverse effects on both the ID verification and web cam.
      • • A consistent high speed internet connection.  If it is not consistent, which in most cases may go unnoticed it will affect the overall service.
      • • Properly configured Wi-Fi with strong strength, and fast connectivity.  The users Wi-Fi is the one area where it may fail the most as a minimum of 350kb second is required per stream, and with an improper Wi-Fi it is hard to achieve 350kb even though your broadband connection may be high.
How do I get Started?

You can get started by filling out our “Schedule an Appointment” form below or call us at: (888) 407-7747. We’d be happy to schedule your remote online notarization.

Our Process

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When you have a closing, simply fill out & submit our Closing Order Form or call us at (888) 407-7747.

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Upon receiving your online order, we will schedule a remote online notary to perform the notarization.

Step 3:

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Upon completion of your remote online notarization, you’ll receive your signed notarized DOCs instantly.


Immediate Receipt and Prompt Document Completion

Technology is a wonderful tool especially in this day and age! And as a Florida State Approved Remote Online Notary or RON, True Notary Services can assist with notarizing your important documents online.

While each party is in the comfort of their own home, office or any where in the world, we connect via a secured online platform. Each party must use a tablet, laptop or desktop and must sign in from a unique device. Sharing of devices and cell phones are strictly prohibited and could cause for a session to be rescheduled.

Once an appointment is scheduled, each signer must go thru an identification verification process. This includes verifying their ID as well as answering knowledge based questions and takes about ten (10) minutes. All details will be provided in the appointment email. Depending on the size of your document package, the actual appointment should take less than 30 minutes. Schedule your virtual notary appointment today!