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KBA + Biometrics + Identification Analysis/Proofing

For Business and Individuals

KBA + Biometrics + Identification Analysis/Proofing

Identity analysis (sometimes referred to as ID Proofing) is a process for a signer of a document to affirm their identity through a dynamic knowledge-based authentication (KBA) or Biometrics process.

Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA)

Most states require a third-party solution for credential and identity authentication. True Notary Services uses BlueNotary platform who partners with a solution that is able to provide this analysis using KBA and forensic ID analysis on par with bank-grade security processes.

No data is stored by True Notary Services or BlueNotary regarding questions or answers generated by our KBA partner.

In the KBA process, the signer is asked a series of 5 questions that pertain to their personal information (i.e. past residences, associates, etc). The signer is required to answer 80% successfully to continue the session. If the signer fails the first set of questions, a second set of questions will be presented. If both sets of questions are not 80% correct, the session is failed. The signer will need to wait 24 hours before starting a new session.


Biometrics refers to a process that checks liveness by taking various ‘selfie’ angles via video using our tech partner, Persona, and comparing those images to Photo ID submitted. This is the future of identity authentication and we highly encourage using this option. This option also does not require a SSN.

It is up to your state as to allowing Biometrics but many states including New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming have already moved into the future.

Photo ID

Identity verification is validated by analyzing features of a signer’s photo identification. BlueNotary verification partner is able to accept unexpired government-issued State ID card, Real ID card, Driver’s License or Passport Book.

The verification data is shown to the notary during the live session to complete the total verification process.

Notary will see this information after credential analysis is completed (along with an image of the front of the ID itself).