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Core Advantages And Reasons For Getting Notary Services in Florida

Is a notary really necessary? If so, what advantages do they provide? To get answers to these questions, keep reading the blog!

Being a notary is synonymous with being a public official of the State. A notary public of the common law is appointed by law as an official public officer. The legal obligation of notary services in South Florida is to serve the public by authenticating the legal documents as dictated by the law. These legal documents are related to non-contentious matters, such as general financial transactions, deeds, contracts, powers-of-attorneys, and so on.

Some people are unaware of the real function of a notary. So, the objective of this blog is to let you know what a notary is, what one is needed for, and what advantages are offered by the notary public service.

Reasons For Going To The Notary

We already know what a notary is and the work they are responsible for. Now, an important question is “what are the factors that compel citizens to appear before a notary?

As a public official, the notary will adapt to the strictest legality of any document, declaration, or act that the client requests. The notary is legally obliged to advise, interpret, configure, and authenticate the will of all parties.

There are several reasons for contacting a notary service or officer in your area. The most prominent reasons include making the deed of an apartment you want to buy or sell, preparing a will, granting a power of attorney, legal matters related to civil and commercial private contracting, and others.

The most common situations in which you should speak with a notary are as follows:

As An Individual 

You must speak with a notary in various matters: leases, marriage settlements, sales, communications to the town hall of the acquisition of a new property, partition of inheritance, inventory of assets, property modifications, adoption of a child, family reunification, personal and mortgage loans, and wills.

As A Company 

You must speak with a notary in subscription management, share purchasing, the merger of companies, division, and transformation of companies, management and urban development, transfer of shares, and financing of companies.

Core Advantages Of Going To A Notary

Going to a notary in South Florida guarantees legal certainty and impartiality. Let’s see what the advantages of having a notary service are:

Ensuring Legal Certainty

A notary public service in Florida ensures legal certainty, and it is the main advantage. Before signing, the notary ensures the identity and capacity of the parties. It also ensures that they have sufficient powers for the act or contract to be carried out. In other words, the notary makes sure of the guarantee of the act or contract that is going to be carried out in accordance with the legality of the moment.

Formal Advisor

A notary acts as a formal advisor. The notary advises before the constitution of any legal contract or act in which their intervention is requested, Going to a notary helps you avoid lawsuits and unnecessary expenses.

Absolute Tranquility

Signing any legal document before a notary public provides absolute peace of mind of hurdle-free finalization of a contract or act. A notary ensures that the document is finalized effectively.


Impartiality is one of the core advantages a notary offers. By acting honestly and impartially, it helps you avoid situations that could give a clear advantage to one party to the detriment of the other.

No Risk 

The notary avoids unnecessary risks since when drafting the contracts the officer makes sure that the requirements established by current laws are met. A notary helps you avoid the possible loss of contracts and documents by always keeping the original in the notary’s protocol.

True Notary Services – The Best Notary Service In South Florida

True Notary Services is one of the most trusted notary services in South Florida. We know that some clients, due to various reasons, cannot visit a notary firm to have their legal documents be notarized. So, we have the option for mobile notary and remote online notary services too.

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