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How Can A Mobile Notary Help On Your Home Purchase

One of the biggest events in a real estate transaction is the closing, when all parties sign the final contracts and ownership (and the key) is officially turned over to the buyer. But what happens when you have a busy schedule with work and family responsibilities or you are out of the area? This is where a mobile notary public can help get those documents signed and submitted.

Where can I meet a mobile notary public?

The beauty of working with a mobile notary is that they can meet you almost anywhere to get your closing documents signed. They often receive the documents a day in advance and bring them to your agreed upon location, along with everything that they need to make your signature official.

Common places to arrange for closing with a mobile notary include:

Your home: This is especially helpful for those with young children or in remote areas, who may need to travel to get to a different closing location. It is also a good option for those purchasing from out-of-state.

Your workplace: Can’t get to closing because of work? The mobile notary public can come to you. Mobile notaries frequently attend closings at workplaces during lunch hours or breaks.

Keep in mind that depending on the complexity of your transaction, closing can take a while. There are a lot of papers to sign, so plan on designating at least an hour to your closing.

Who can be a notary?

The requirements to become a mobile notary public vary by state, but most only require a small amount of training and to register with the appropriate state authority. If you are interested in real estate and detail-oriented, becoming a mobile notary may be a step you are ready to take.

To Wrap Up

If you or anyone you know need documents notarized and verified but can’t make it out to a notarization service? It is no problem for a service like True Notary Services. We specialize in mobile notarization services. In fact, we are one of the best loan signing companies in South Florida. We also offer general notarization services, I-9 verification, fingerprinting, and other services.

So, if you need your loan documents signed, schedule your closing date today, and we will send out a mobile notary public to your location. And you can get everything done from the comfort of your home or office.

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