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Know All About A Notary Public In Florida

Notaries are public officials of the State. Their main function is to provide legal certainty since they are professionals dealing with public trust in Private Law relationships. They offer the accuracy of the facts by authenticating a legal document. Most of the notarial deeds include commercial business, like the sale of housing, with or without a bank mortgage. You may find many online notary public services in South Florida, for example, offering services of a commissioned and insured Notary Public. They usually deal in real estate deeds, contracts, affidavits, and loan documents.

Know All About A Notary Public 

Throughout this post, we will analyze what a public notary is, among other aspects of great interest.

What Is Actually Done In A Notary?

A notary public of the common law is an official public officer appointed by law. The officer is legally responsible for serving the public by dealing with their non-contentious matters. These matters usually include general financial transactions, powers-of-attorneys, contracts, deeds, estates, and international business affairs.

Notary services can be offered to any person regardless of nationality. Look at the following main services provided by a notary:

Ratify And Formalize The Signature

It is demonstrated or acknowledged to be the person whose name appears on a legal document. It means people use a notary to ratify signatures on their important legal documents. These documents could be legal documents constituted during mediation and deposition transcripts made by court reporters. Hiring a notary can make the formalizing process of documents more efficient and quick.


It refers to any form of testimony or promise that defendants will tell the truth in the statement about them. Any person who intentionally gives false testimony before a consular officer (Foreign Service Officers) will be punished for perjury.

Sworn Statement 

A personal statement, verbal or written, is called a sworn statement. The authenticity of that statement is assured under oath before administrative or judicial authorities. Consequently, what is stated by the declarant is presumed to be true. The declarant acknowledges that the penalty of the false statement may follow if the truth is not told.

Corporate Acknowledgement 

The Corporate Acknowledgment is a certificate used when a notary official as a duly authorized corporate officer signs and acknowledges in support of a corporation. The officer basically validates the corporate identity.

Three Components of a Notary Public

Proven Integrity, the State’s Ministerial Officer, and Impartial Witness are three components of a notary public.

Proven Integrity 

The whole purpose of a notary is to spot and prevent fraud. Therefore, notary applicants need to undergo a criminal background check under the statutes of Florida. An applicant must not have been convicted of any criminal wrongdoing, such as fraud or deception during a decade before the application date. In case of conviction of defalcation or fraud, a person cannot receive a notarial commission. However, speeding ticket and other traffic violations are not pertinent to notarial functions.

Ministerial Officer of the State 

The State commissions a notary public who acts as a state officer. The office is ministerial instead of a regulatory or judicial entity. Thus, their roles and duties are narrowly outlined to specific prescribed acts of narrow scope. A notary is responsible for abiding by written rules allowing only limited choice in exercising these acts. A notary must remember that they are not their employer’s notary, they are a State of Florida Notary.

Impartial Witness 

Witnessing a legal proceeding is the main function of the notary. The notary may have the authority to reject to notarize if not satisfied with the signer’s readiness, capability, and identity. The notary does not authenticate or legitimatize the document nor give assurance to its veracity. It is crucial to the validity and rigorousness of the witnessed act that the notary be neutral.

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